Our Story:

Meet founders and sisters Joy Corrigan and Gina [Corrigan] Smith. Two sisters who have always had a passion for art, fashion and, most importantly,  protecting the many creatures that coexists on our wonderful planet. Together they founded Naked Species, a conscious, street style clothing brand, that combines their passions for an important purpose.

Gina and Joy want every person who wears these limited art pieces to be sporting the latest in fashion while bringing awareness to a bigger cause. They believe art has the power to make a difference, and you’ll recognize this influencing every piece they make.

As part of their commitment to end the extinction of endangered species, the sisters donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that support this important cause. Joy has personally designed each piece with her style and art, so everyone who wears these pieces can proudly display their support for endangered species.

The Corrigan sisters want to change the way we think about style; through art and awareness, we can make a future for all species.

About the Brand:

Naked Species clothing is art redefined into fashion for the conscious human. With everyday basics and the modern twist to street style, Naked Species infuses art and awareness into every piece, making “Basics” not so basic.